Friday, February 16, 2007

One month, two days P.P.

165 lbs! The weight is dropping rapidly. I still cannot really take any credit for this, as I'm not being very active, but I AM watching what I eat. Sort of. (I'm still sore though... and too busy to do exersize!)

Other things I'm doing to make myself feel better: starting using white strips on my teeth last night. I can already see a difference! I got the 14 day variety 'cause it was significantly cheaper than the easier 3 day pack or whatever. It's hard to remember to do it twice a day though! Also, I bought a couple of new shirts that fit my now size. I didn't go crazy buying stuff, 'cause I don't plan on being this size forever, but I wanted a couple of shirts that look good NOW, and that aren't just t-shirts. So, yeah, I'll be wearing the same two shirts over and over for the next couple of months, I'm sure! Did I mention I got a hair cut? It's not fabulous, but it looks ok. Now if I could only find time to pluck my eyebrows!

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